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I Can Help Unlock the True Potential of Your Company or Product with the Perfect Blend of Storytelling, Strategy, and Growth-Hacking

Hi, I'm Moti Krispil.

Just like you, I’ve been in the trenches.

I've occupied the entrepreneur's and CXO's chair five times, leading disruptive ventures from daring ideas to global recognition.

With my boutique agency and as a Director at Deloitte Strategy, I've guided over 300 startups and corporates and more than 1,000 leaders through their growth journeys and EXIT peaks, helping them raise over $1 billion and attract millions of enthusiastic customers.

I take pride in weaving transformative narratives, formulating bold strategies, and designing innovative yet proven growth hacks that bring visions and innovations to life.

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Corporate Storytelling Workshop

Unleash the power of narrative-based storytelling to skyrocket your business and personal brand

Bridging Storytelling & AI Strategy 

Discover how to fuse AI with strategic storytelling, revolutionizing your productivity and brand narrative


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Personal Advisory - Tailored Distiller & Unlocker of Story, Strategy, and Growth


Focused Story | Strategy | Branding 
Distillery Session

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Investor Story Distillery

Our Journey Together

I am passionate about working with dreamers, leaders, and investors - those with the endless powers, passion, and unique perspectives that make my work exciting and fulfilling.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to share your journey, to be part of your team, and to help refine your story and strategy. Whether it's through lectures, workshops, one-on-one meetings, or team projects, I am here to steer, guide, and distill your narrative and strategy into something incredibly powerful.

This is my personal declaration to you.

Let's move mountains together.


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